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第一篇:《2016高考英语二轮复习 第二部分 专题四 介词和介词短语练习》

专题四 介词和介词短语

题组一 体验真题


1.(2015·浙江卷)We tend to have a better memory for things that excite our senses or appeal ________ our emotions than for straight facts.

2.(2015·浙江卷)These comments came in response ________ specific questions often asked by local newsmen.

3.(2015·湖北卷)This meeting room is a non-smoking area.I would like to warn you ________ advance that if you smoked here you would be fined.

4.(2015·重庆卷)Last year was the warmest year on record,with global temperature 0.68 ℃ ________ the average.

5.(2015·陕西卷)The little pupil took his grandma ________ the arm and walked her across the street.

6.(2014·北京卷)Jane is in a hurry because the train to the airport leaves ________ half an hour.

7.(2014·大纲卷)September 30 is the day ________ which you must pay your bill.

8.(2014·福建卷)Our club is open to everyone ________ age,sex or educational background.

9.(2014·湖北卷)Check carrots,potatoes,onions and any other vegetables ________ store and immediately use or throw away any which show signs of rotting.

10.(2014·江苏卷)Tom always goes jogging in the morning and he usually does push-ups too to stay________ shape.

11.(2014·江西卷)Starting your own business could be a way to achieving financial independence.________(另一方面),it could just put you in debt.

12.(2014·陕西卷)The Scottish girl ________ blue eyes won the first prize in the Fifth Chinese Speech Contest.

13.(2014·天津卷)________ the school,the village has a clinic,which was also built with government support.

14.(2014·浙江卷)While staying in the village,James unselfishly shared whatever

he had with the villagers without asking for anything ________ return.

15.(2014·浙江卷)Facing up to your problem ________ running away from them is the best approach to working things out.

16.(2014·浙江卷)People won't pay attention to you when they still have a lot of ideas of their own crying ________ expression.

17.(2014·浙江卷)There's no reason to be disappointed.________(事实上),this could be rather amusing.

18.(2014·安徽卷)What we expect from you is working hard__________hardly working.

19.(2013·大纲全国卷) A serious study of physics is impossible ________ some knowledge of mathematics.

20.(2013·安徽卷) Before you pay a visit to a place of interest,look in your local library ________ a book about it.

答案 1.to 2.to 3.in 4.above 5.by 6.in 7.by 8.regardless of 9.in 10.in

11.On the other hand 12.with 13.In addition to 14.in 15.rather than 16.for

17.As a matter of fact 18.rather than 19.without 20.for

题组二 尝试模拟


1.It saves time in the kitchen to have things you use a lot ________ easy reach.

2.A great person is always putting others' interests ______ his own.

3.Everybody was touched ________ words after they heard her moving story.

4.The art show was far________ being a failure;it was a great success.

5.Taking regular exercise and eating a balanced diet are two important keys ________ good.

6.My daughter is really ________ Weibo these days;she spent hours on it daily.

7.The lift in that tall building went wrong and got trapped ________ the floors.People in it had no way out and were in panic.

8.Plans have been proposed ________ the largest dam in the world to be built along the Congo River.

9.—Mike,are you familiar ________ this new type of car? Just give me some advice. —Oh,I'm sorry.It is really a new one.

10.—What's wrong with your face?

—I'm allergic ________ this kind of weather.Nothing serious.

答案 1.within 2.above 3.beyond 4.from 5.to

6.into 7.between 8.for 9.with 10.to


1.________ going to a language school,Andrew also went to the library almost every day and learned about 20 Chinese characters a day.

2.I really don't want to go;________,the weather is so cold outside.

3.—What do you think of my composition?

—Almost perfect ________ one spelling mistake.

4.We'll learn much from this failure,so our suffering and efforts are not ________.

5.Ted is such a helpful colleague that he is willing to do,________, any favour we might ask him.

6.Some questions may come to you during the interview,but you can and should make good preparations ________(提前).

7.—Alice,you are going shopping this afternoon,aren't you? Anything special in your mind?

—Nothing ________(特别).I just haven't done shopping for a long time.

8.Obviously,the advantage we take of solar energy is ________ enough.We have to work still harder.

9.They are determined to go into the dark cave,________ my warning of danger.

10.________ your poor record in school,we think you should study harder.

答案 1.Apart from/Besides 2.in addition 3.except for 4.in vain 5.without question 6.in advance 7.in particular 8.far from 9.regardless of 10.In view of/Because of



(2015·大连市高三一模)In your daily life,there are many examples where your parents control hundreds __1__ things for you when you are a kid,such as the clothes you wear,the food you eat,where you go and how you get there.It is a good thing.Kids

need this kind of __2__ (protect) and help because they are not old enough to take care of __3__ and make decisions __4__ (correct).But with you growing __5__ (old),the part of being a teen is developing your own identity—one that __6__ (separate) from your parents'.Different attitudes towards events like partying may lead to arguments,because your parents will always want to protect you and keep you safe,no matter how old you are.As __7__ result,your parents feel it hard to get used to the new situation with __8__ (increase) anxiety.What kids should keep in mind is __9__ in most cases,your parents can relate to what you're going through because they __10__ (be) teens once.

【语篇解读】 在日常生活中,父母控制着孩子许多方面的事情。但是随着孩子的长大,父母就需要有不同的态度了。

1.of [考查介词。hundreds of是固定短语,表示“许多,大量”。]

2.protection [考查名词。this kind of后接名词,此处表示孩子需要这种保护和帮助。]

3.themselves [考查反身代词。此处指代kids,故用themselves表示孩子们自己。]

4.correctly [考查副词。此处用副词修饰动词短语make decisions,意为正确地做出决定。]

5.older [考查形容词比较级。此处是由kid到teen,故用比较级。]

6.is separated [考查动词的时态和语态。separate from是固定结构,“与„„隔开”。此处是一般性的描述,故用一般现在时;又因为identity与separate是动宾关系,故用被动语态。]

7.a [考查冠词。固定短语as a result“结果”。]

8.increasing [考查现在分词。用现在分词作定语,指父母日益增长的担心。]

9.that [考查表语从句。孩子应该记住的是大多数情况下,你的父母能理解你经历的事情,因为他们曾经是青少年。]

10.were [考查动词时态。由once可知,应用一般过去时。]

第二篇:《高考英语大二轮复习 第三部分 语法及语法填空 语法讲解 专题一 有提示词填空 第3讲 名词和主谓一致素能特训》






1.[2015·乌鲁木齐一诊]I hope there will be more and more charity shops in other ________ (place).

答案:places 根据前面的other可知此处填名词复数。

2.[2015·广东广州调研]He had suddenly been transformed from an observer to a ________ (participate).

答案:participant 根据“a”可知此处考查名词,根据语义此处为“参与者”。

3.[2015·金版教程原创]The blood on his shoes and the fingerprint on the scene were ________ (proof) of his guilt.

答案:proofs 根据空格位置可知填名词,根据语境填复数,proof变复数直接加“­s”。

4.[2015·百校联盟模拟]In a society full of challenges and opportunities, in my opinion, it is a must to have a good ________ of a foreign language.

答案:command/knowledge 考查固定短语。have a good command/knowledge of a foreign language“精通一门外语”。

5.[2015·河北唐山质检]They don't realize that the ________ (compete) is intense and that the required standards of work are high.

答案:competition 由空前的the及提示词可知,此处应用名词形式。

6.[2015·宁夏银川二中期末]He had witnessed too many ________ (die) and wounds at the Battle of Solferino in Italy four years earlier.

答案:deaths 这里指的是“死亡”,况且空前的too many也暗示此处应用death的复数。

7.[2015·甘肃兰州摸底]Nothing but some vases ________ (find) in a sunken ship since they began the exploration.

答案:has been found 根据句子的结构来判断,but连接两个并列主语,谓语动词要和前面的Nothing保持一致。since从句用一般过去时,主句用现在完成时,且主谓之间是被动关系。

8.[2015·天津河东区一模]How I wish I had worked harder! Large quantities of time ________ (waste) by me.

答案:have been wasted 根据句子结构来判断,句子主语为quantities of time,其后谓语动词的单复数由quantity的单复数来决定,故谓语动词用复数。

9.[2015·江西上饶二模]It has become socially expected that if one lives in a

neighborhood with children, one should buy treats in ________ (prepare) for trick­or­treaters.

答案:preparation 此处考查固定短语。in preparation for “为„„做准备”。

10.[2015·广东广州综合检测]He felt he should be given the freedom to do as he wished on stage and often ignored his directors' ________ (instruct).

答案:instructions 根据“his directors'”可知此处填名词,instruct的名词是instruction,且为复数。



[2015·辽宁大连双基测试]In your daily life, there are many examples where your parents control hundreds ___1___ things for you when you are a kid, such as the clothes you wear, the food you eat, whereyou go and how you get there. It is a good thing. Kids need this kind of___2___(protect) and help because they are notold enough to take care of___3___and make decisions ___4___ (correct). But with you growing___5___(old), the part ofbeing a teen is developing your own identity-one that ___6___ (separate) from your parents'. Different attitudes towardsevents like partying may lead to arguments, because your parents will always want to protect you and keep you safe, no matter how old you are. As___7___result, your parents feel it hard to get used to the new situation with___8___ (increase) anxiety. What kids should keep in mind is___9___in most cases, your parents can relate to what you're going through because they ___10___ (be) teens once.

1.________ 2.________ 3.________ 4.________

5.________ 6.________ 7.________ 8.________

9.________ 10.________


1.of'考查介词。hundreds of是固定短语,表示“许多,大量”。

2.protection 考查名词。“this kind of”后接名词,此处表示孩子需要这种保护和帮助。

3.themselves 考查反身代词。此处指代kids,故用themselves表示孩子们自己。

4.correctly'考查副词。此处用副词修饰动词短语make decisions,意为正确地做出决定。


6.is separated'考查动词的时态和语态。separate from是固定结构,“与„„隔开”。此处是一般性的描述,故用一般现在时;又因为“identity”与“separate”是动宾关系,故用被动语态。

7.a'考查冠词。固定短语as a result“结果”。




10.were 考查动词时态。由once可知,应用一般过去时。


[2015·山西高考前质量监测]“What do you think of the extraordinary achievements of your life?” Queen Victoria of Britain asked Helen Keller. “You are___1___ and deaf, but how can you make such great achievements?” Ms. Keller's answer was the___2___for her teacher, “If there were no Anne Sullivan, the name of Helen Keller would not be known.” When Anne was little, she suffered a great ___3___. A fever made her nearly lose her eyesight in her childhood, and she was diagnosed as a hopeless “lunatic” (疯子) by the doctor. She was locked in the basement of a mental hospital in Boston. Sometimes, little Anne ___4___attacked anyone who approached her. She___5___everyone who appeared in front of her most of the time. ___6___, an old nurse believed that little Anne had hope and asked to___7___the task of looking after the girl. Shewent to see little Anne every day. The child ignored her most of the time, but the old nurse didn't___8___seeing her every day in the basement. The kind­hearted lady left cookies to little Anne and spoke words full of love and___9___to her. She believed that___10___she showed love, little Anne would be able to___11___.

Finally, the doctor ___12___changes in little Anne. Anne, who was always full of anger and hostility, showed___13___ and goodwill she had never had before. They transferred her upstairs and her ___14___continued improving. Then the last day came, and she___15___the mental hospital.

After she grew up, Anne Sullivan hoped to help___16___, just as the kind old nurse helped her. She saw great ___17___in Helen Keller. She cared for her,___18___her strictly, encouraged her, played with her and worked with her. Anne Sullivan___19___a miracle (奇迹) in the life of Helen Keller. But first it was a kind nurse who had full___20___in little Anne that turned a silent child into a kind teacher.

本文主要介绍了Anne Sullivan的成长经历,以及Helen取得巨大成就的原因。


C.thin D.blind

答案:D 你失明(blind)又失聪,但是你是如何取得那么大的成就的?weak“虚弱的”;lame“跛的”;thin“瘦的”。故D项正确。

2.A.prize B.praise

C.courage D.mood

答案:B Keller女士的回答是对她老师的赞美(praise)。prize“奖励”;courage“勇气”;mood“情绪”。故B项正确。


B.lame B.accident

C.disaster D.harm

答案:C 在Anne小的时候,她遭受了一次很大的灾难(disaster)。storm“暴风雨”;accident“(交通)事故”;harm“伤害,损害”。根据此空后的“A fever made her nearly lose her eyesight in her childhood”可知,C项正确。

4.A.fiercely B.silently

C.obviously D.exactly

答案:A 有时,小Anne猛烈地(fiercely)攻击靠近她的任何人。silently“默默地”;obviously“明显地”;exactly“精确地”。故A项正确。

5.A.welcomed B.ignored

C.cheered D.changed

答案:B 大多数时间,她忽视(ignored)出现在她面前的每一个人。welcome“欢迎”;cheer“欢呼”;change“改变”。故B项正确。

6.A.Besides B.Thus

C.Moreover D.However

答案:D 然而(However),一位年长的护士认为小Anne还有希望并且要求承担(take on)照顾这个女孩的任务。besides“除„„之外(还)”;thus“因此”;moreover“而且”。故D项正确。

7.A.take on B.look on

C.go on D.turn on

答案:A'参见上题解析。look on“旁观”;go on“持续”;turn on“打开”。故A项正确。

8.A.consider B.stop

C.permit D.continue

答案:B 但是这位年长的护士没有停止(stop)每天到地下室看她。 consider“仔细考虑,认为”;permit“允许”;continue“继续”。故B项正确。

9.A.disappointment B.appreciation

C.encouragement D.hate

答案:C 这位善良的女士给小Anne留下些小甜饼并给她说些充满爱意和鼓励(encouragement)的话。disappointment“失望”;appreciation“感激”;hate“仇恨,厌恶”。故C项正确。

10.A.as soon as B.even though

C.as if D.so long as

答案:D 她相信只要(so long as)她表现出爱意,小Anne就能够恢复(recover)。even though“尽管”;as if“好像”;as soon as “一„„就„„”。so long as引导条件状语从句,故D项正确。

11.A.grow B.write

C.recover D.suit

答案:C 参见上题解析。grow“成长”;write“写”;suit“适合”。故C项正确。



C.proposed D.operated

答案:B 最终,医生注意到(noticed)小Anne的一些变化。approve“同意”;propose“建议”;operate“操作”。故B项正确。




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